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Busy Life? Mobile Banking Can Free You Up.

Life is busy – grocery shopping, soccer practices, working late, cleaning, dinner – sometimes you barely have a free hand much less the free time to make a trip to the RGFCU. With the RGFCU’s FREE Mobile Banking app, you barely need a free hand or free time. No matter how crazy your life is,… See full article »

Get Mobile And Breeze Thru The Holidays!

Have you ever had to call the RGFCU to transfer money to your checking account, check a balance, or see if money has been deposited or withdrawn? Sometimes you’re in a hurry and you need the information right away, but if we are helping other members you may get put on hold or we may… See full article »

Banking at your convenience!

Morning…Noon…Night… Banking at your Convenience! RGFCU Online Banking allows you to manage your accounts, make loan payments, transfer money between accounts, pay your bills, even get your statements all from the comforts of your own home, or from anywhere else for that matter. Our Mobile Touch Banking App can keep you up to date even… See full article »

Get in Touch

Do you call the RGFCU daily or weekly to get your account balances? … Or to transfer money between your accounts? … Or to make a loan payment? You should sign up for RGFCU Online Banking and the RGFCU Touch Banking Mobile App. With these programs all of these inquiries and transactions can be done… See full article »

Protect Your Cards

Have You added Visa Purchase Alerts to your RGFCU Check Card? Sign up today! The program is FREE, EASY, & SECURE. It’s run directly through VISA and your RGFCU EMV Card is eligible to take part (Your other Visa cards may also be eligible and can be linked to your profile). Log onto the website: First you… See full article »

Busy Mom, Busy Day, Mobile Banking is the Way!

Life is busy – soccer practices, working late, vacations – there are times that making a trip to the RGFCU just isn’t possible. That’s why the RGFCU offers our members FREE Mobile Banking, Online Banking, E–Statement’s, and Online Bill Paying. These services are fast and convenient – perfect for your busy life. Take a minute… See full article »