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RGFCU Scholarship Information

Did you know the RGFCU offering a $2000 a college scholarship? If you’re a RGFCU Member & planning on attending college during the 2019-2020 school year, we encourage you to check our scholarship requirements at the Oregon Grants and Scholarships website. The application process has already began with a final deadline of March 1, 2019… See full article »

Smart Shopping During the Holidays

Keep your finances safe while you shop during this holiday season by being and staying aware of possible scams. The NCUA Fraud Prevention Center educates consumers on how to recognize common scams and take action if you think you are a victim of fraud. It also provides useful tips for protecting your finances. Criminals and scammers use… See full article »

2019 Fuel Economy Guide is Available

Fuel economy is an important factor for consumers to consider when shopping for a new vehicle. Buying a vehicle that is more fuel-efficient is not only beneficial to the environment, but to your own pocketbook. Each year the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) publish the Fuel Economy Guide… See full article »

Think before you Shop Online

While the holidays are a busy time, full of hustle and bustle, holiday cheer, and holiday stress, it is a prime time for less than savory people to target and take advantage of people who are tired, distracted, and in a hurry. Online shopping is no different. According to Crime-Stoppers  it was projected that in… See full article »

Stay Aware – Stay Safe

According to Crime-Stoppers identity theft and robberies are two of the most common crimes during the holiday season. With the hustle and bustle the holidays bring, people are often tired, distracted, short on time, and overloaded with bags. It can be easy to become a target during this time. Be aware of your surroundings, pay… See full article »

Be Aware As You Shop

According to Crime-Stoppers  it was projected that in 2016 over 46% of holiday shopping would be done online and 21% of holiday merchandise would be purchased over a smartphone. In addition, in 2015, 1 of every 86 online credit card transactions was a fraudulent attempt. Now, in 2018, one can assume these numbers have substantially… See full article »

The Smart Option Student Loan

  The Smart Option Student Loan® For Register-Guard Federal Credit Union Members By Sallie Mae® The Register-Guard Federal Credit values member’s decisions to seek higher education. But we also know that the cost of attending college can be overwhelming and may result in the need for student loans, grants and scholarships.  Now you can pay… See full article »

Reminder, Foreign Countries are Blocked.

Reminder, Foreign Countries are Blocked.  This holiday season, the RGFCU expects to see an increase in our members using their Visa EMV for online purchases.  When using your card online,  remember, some websites have their processing sites outside the  United States.  So, while you may think you are ordering from a site based with in the… See full article »

Have you heard of Shimming?

The RGFCU would like to share some information with you regarding a credit/debit card shimming.  The following is a part of an article from Krebs Security that we believe explains shimming and offers ways to protect yourself. As the US banks continue to make the shift to chip-based credit and debit cards, a new form… See full article »

Are You Protected?

Visa Purchase Alerts are Now Available An added layer of safety just in time for the Holidays! Sign up today! The program is FREE, EASY, & SECURE. It’s run directly through VISA and your RGFCU EMV Card is eligible to take part (Your other Visa cards may also be eligible and can be linked to… See full article »