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Have you been getting fees?

Have you been seeing fees on your RGFCU account? It could be a REG D thing! It is important to remember that all of your savings type of accounts are not to be used as regular transaction accounts for handling your financial business. All regular transactions – checks, electronic payments, deposits, etc. are to be… See full article »

Here’s Why You Need a RGFCU Checking Account

Having a Checking account is essential to joining the financial world – even if you never use a paper check. If you don’t have one, here are some reasons you should consider getting an RGFCU Checking Account. Keeps your money safe and easily accessible. If you keep all your money stashed at home you may… See full article »

Sometimes easy is really easy…

 At the RGCU we believe Checking accounts should be Simple, Easy and FREE   No monthly service charge Unlimited check writing No-cost debit and ATM card Just $13 per box of 150 checks Optional $500 overdraft protection for qualifying members If you don’t have a checking account, or you are checking with another financial institutions, check… See full article »

Re-Order Your Checks On-line

Are you needing to reorder checks for your RGFCU checking account? Did you know that you can do that online from our RGFCU website? There are a few requirements for online ordering; • You have had checks with us before; • You have NOT changed your address or name; • You know the starting number… See full article »