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2019 Fuel Economy Guide is Available

Fuel economy is an important factor for consumers to consider when shopping for a new vehicle. Buying a vehicle that is more fuel-efficient is not only beneficial to the environment, but to your own pocketbook. Each year the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) publish the Fuel Economy Guide… See full article »

New or Used – it’s a great time to buy.

Shopping for different vehicle is can be an exciting, but a little overwhelming at the same time. Visiting lots, checking out makes, models, prices and options, you will be faced with a lot of choices. One of your first choices will be whether to buy new or used. Both have advantages as well as well… See full article »

Time to Winterize

Fall is here and Winter is just around the corner… Are you ready? How about your vehicle? Does it need some repairs or tires? Or maybe you are thinking of a whole new vehicle? Or your house? Is the furnace up for the winter challenge? Need some weatherization?   Or maybe you just want to get… See full article »

What color do you want?

You pick the color… We’ll cut the check… Getting pre-approved for an RGFCU vehicle loan before visiting the dealership enables you to shop with confidence. You will already know the amount and terms that you have been approved for. You won’t have to jump through the dealer financing hoops. Instead you’ll be able to concentrate… See full article »

Vehicle loans worth smiling about

An RGFCU Vehicle Loan can help put a Smile on your face, and perhaps on your bumper too! New, Used or Refi, we have Great Low Rates and a variety of payment options. Talk with one of our Loan Officers today and get Pre-Approved.  

Car Loan Debt – Let Us Help

Don’t you wish you could pay less on your bills. Well, you can. Your car payment is a great example. Refinancing your vehicle loan may lead to a lower monthly payment depending on various factors; including the value of your vehicle, how much you owe, and your credit standing. If you are having trouble making your monthly… See full article »

We Can Help You Buy a Car

We Don’t Sell Cars… But We Can Help You Buy One! While we can’t go to the car lot with you, There are things we can do to help you be better prepared; • we can get you Pre-Approved for a low interest rate loan so you know what price range and payments are comfortable… See full article »

Put Some Jingle in Your Pocket

End of the year deals on vehicles mean that you may be able to get more vehicle for your money. An RGFCU pre-approved loan could give you even more. Let us show you how getting pre-approved can help determine your best options. We can match most rates and help you determine if the vehicle you… See full article »


It’s the season for heavy rains and icy roads. Are your tires in need of replacing? How dependable or weather worthy is your vehicle? If it’s time to update either, come talk to a loan officer about how one of our loan options can help you cover the cost. We want you and your family… See full article »