Monthly Archives: January 2017

RGFCU Scholarship Money Available

Did you Know the RGFCU offers a College Scholarship? If you’re a RGFCU Member, and planning on attending college during the 2017-2018 school year, we encourage you to check our scholarship requirements at the Oregon Grants and Scholarships website. The application process has already began with a final deadline of March 1, 2017 (5pm PST).

RGFCU Bill Pay Update Coming

On January 29, 2017 a new update release for our On line Bill Paying program, “CheckFree” will be introduced.  The primary purpose of the release is to refine and enhance the existing features and functionality of the service. Within this release an updated disclosure statement will also be provided for your records. When you receive… See full article »

Great Deals For You!

REGISTER-GUARD FCU Members Get Exclusive Discounts from Love My Credit Union Rewards   Everyone loves to save, especially on products and services you use every day. That’s what Love My Credit Union Rewards is all about.  Members have saved nearly $2 billion in discounts from valued partners through Love My Credit Union Rewards. You can… See full article »

Are You Protected?

Visa Purchase Alerts are Now Available An added layer of safety just in time for the Holidays! Sign up today! The program is FREE, EASY, & SECURE. It’s run directly through VISA and your RGFCU EMV Card is eligible to take part (Your other Visa cards may also be eligible and can be linked to… See full article »

Mobiliti Update Coming this January

This January, the RGFCU Mobiliti Touchbanking app will have a version update. An in-app prompt will notify you of the update as you attempt to log on. This update features improved multi-tasking features and interface improvements. If you experience any difficulties updating or have any questions give the RGFCU a call. 


It’s the season for heavy rains and icy roads. Are your tires in need of replacing? How dependable or weather worthy is your vehicle? If it’s time to update either, come talk to a loan officer about how one of our loan options can help you cover the cost. We want you and your family… See full article »